Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents

Memberships in IAPSS

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP:  Any chief executive officer who serves a school board and that officer's chief assistants may become an Active Member by the payment of the established dues.  Active Members must hold a valid Indiana Superintendent's license.  Active Members are entitled to attend all meetings of the Association, may hold office, and may vote on all questions.

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP:  A local Indiana school corporation may become an Institutional Member by payment of the established dues.  The Institutional Representatives must meet the membership qualifications established for Active Members of IAPSS.  The Institutional Representatives have all the rights and privileges of Active Members.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Any person who is engaged in educational administration, with the exception of the superintendent; college or university including students in educational administration; or is a retired superintendent may become an Associate Member by the payment of the annual dues established for Associate Members. Associate Members have all the rights and privileges of Active Members except they do not have the right to hold office, to vote, to attend meetings of the Executive Committee, or executive sessions of the Association.

AFFILIATE SPONSORSHIP: As has been our practice from the inception of the program, an IAPSS Affiliate Sponsor must be recommended by an Association member or by Association leadership before invitations are mailed. The role of the Association is documented within follow-up contacts to potential Affiliate Sponsors, including a list of benefits inherent to the sponsorship program. Most of the benefits generate solely from intrinsic values inherent to the process of educating children and young adults.